Trying to Score (Assassins, #2)

Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) - Toni Aleo While I didn't love this one quite as much as I loved Taking Shots, I did still really like it. :) I loved that the main character, Fallon, was so sassy, and I think I loved pretty much everything about Lucas. ;) haha He's a character that you can see has had a lot of growth from the guy you see in Fallon's flashbacks. I'm gonna refrain from talking about the other character that I absolutely adored because he's not mentioned in the description and I don't want to spoil his entrance...but when you meet him, you'll love him too and you'll know exactly who I'm talking about! ;DOne thing that made Trying to Score so different from Taking Shots was that this one had flashbacks, which I really enjoyed, and I thought that they were a fantastic way to bring in parts of Fallon and Lucas's past. I especially loved getting to see the differences between Fallon and Lucas then, and Fallon and Lucas now. Also, I absolutely love Fallon's name! :D I also really loved the chemistry and banter between Fallon and Lucas. They have some major sparks!I really liked the story, too. I especially enjoyed Lucas trying to woo Fallon back. I did think that at times Fallon's reasoning was flawed, and that the drama between the two was maybe a little drawn out...but I totally understood her reluctance to take Lucas back. She had the issues she had with him, and other people to think of, but she also had some serious trust issues with the male figures in her life...her relationship with her father was awful, so I got why she didn't really want to let Lucas in again. She was scared, and her daddy issues definitely played into it all. I would've actually liked to see Fallon's relationship with her father improve in Trying to Score, but since the next book is supposed to be from her sister Audrey's perspective (or so I've heard ;D), I'm hoping that will pop up in the next book.Another thing I loved about this one was that Elli and Shea show up! :D I loved getting to see what happened to them after Taking Shots, and that we got to see how happy they were! It was awesome, especially since they appeared a lot more than I had hoped they would! :DThe only real issue I had with this book was the editorial errors, but since I had a reviewer's copy that should be improved in the finished edition. I did check some Amazon reviews, and a few mentioned errors as well, so I'm cautioning you about it right now just in case they're still there. While the errors were a bit distracting at times, I didn't feel like it detracted from the story, and I was still able to get caught up in Fallon and Lucas's love story. Overall, it was still a great sports romance, and I'm hoping that they've since been fixed, but just in case they haven't, I'm giving you a head's up.If you want an addictive and dramatic sports romance this will be perfect for you, especially if you enjoy seeing characters change over time. I'm cautioning you about editorial errors, though, so be forewarned. It is relatively cheap, only $3.99 for Kindle and Nook, so it's a great deal, especially since it's a fairly long book. I really liked this story, and if you haven't read Taking Shots yet, I definitely recommend you check out that one, too. :)*I received an egalley to participate in the blog tour, and for an honest review. This review is also posted on my blog and on other social media sites.