Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys - Iris Black To start with, I was very surprised to find out that instead of a full-length book, this is a 10-page short story. What was there wasn't bad, but it was so short that I felt like it didn't really even matter that I read it. There was no time for a conflict, and no time for a resolution. Sam has a bunch of guy friends, and she has a crush on a boy...I won't ruin the ending for you, but honestly, I feel really let down. I bought this from Amazon for my Kindle months ago, and I didn't read through the Product Details until now, and the number of pages thing is new on there too...but I did read the description, and while it's published by Echelon Shorts, it doesn't mention anything about this being a short story, and I find that very misleading. It isn't poorly written, but I know there are plenty of full length books on the Kindle store worth the exact same amount, so honestly, I'd say save your money for them because a 10-page short story really isn't worth $0.99, especially when this story basically has no purpose, and goes nowhere from here.