The Lucky One

THE LUCKY ONE - Nicholas; Sparks,  Micah Sparks The Lucky One is a good story, but it's definitely not my favourite of Nicholas Sparks' books. I still love The Notebook and A Walk to Remember the most. The one thing about The Lucky One that kind of threw me off was how many different points of view there are. I would have preferred a lot less input from Keith Clayton...and honestly, that's the same reason I wasn't a big fan of Safe Haven. You get way too much input from the character that you don't like, and frankly don't really want to know. That being said, I did like it. Beth and Logan were fantastic, and I loved Ben, Nana, and Zeus, but I'd say if you were looking to try Nicholas Sparks to try The Notebook first. I am excited to see the movie though, and I'm glad that I read it before the movie was out. I like to see what gets transferred over into the movie versions of books. :)