Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy)

Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien If you're anything like me, you aren't even close to being sick of dystopians yet, and I'm sure you're even looking for more of them to read...well, look no further! Birthmarked is fantastic! It is undoubtedly one of the best dystopians out there. It has an incredible narrator, Gaia, who is strong, yet vulnerable, which makes her so easy to relate to. It also has an addictive plot, that you just can't wait to reveal. Plus, it has Leon...he's kind of a big deal, or at least I think he is. ;)Birthmarked's characters are amazing! Gaia is fierce, but so insecure, and it's wonderful to get to see her transform throughout the story, and to see her stand up for what she believes in. I also loved Leon...who I mentioned before is a big deal. Well he is, in the story, and because I think he's awesome. He's an enigma, and I loved his interactions with Gaia. It was like when you're younger, and you're trying to understand every little thing your crush does, and with Leon there's the added bonus of trying to figure out his mysterious, he's surrounded in gossip. :P With Gaia, are her fellow midwives, who were some seriously amazing women. They were all so strong, and incredibly intelligent. I think that is one of the most remarkable things about this series--the strong female characters. Gaia doesn't have to rely on Leon. He does help her, but she's strong on her own, and I love that Leon respects that strength. It's wonderful to have a heroine who isn't dependent on being saved all of the time. She plans things on her own, but she isn't overconfident, and when she needs help, she isn't afraid to ask for it. :)Birthmarked is a truly fantastic story. There is a ruling society, the Enclave, and the subservient society, which Gaia belongs to. The Enclave expects loyalty, and as a midwife, it's Gaia's job to deliver babies that have been "advanced" to live inside the wall with the people of the Enclave. Gaia's mother was a midwife and she did this just like Gaia does, but she and Gaia's father were taken by the Enclave...this action leads to many changes in Gaia's live, and eventually leads to her standing up for her beliefs. Birthmarked is intense, and it will keep you on your toes. At times, it's a bit mysterious, with secret codes and things that are hidden from Gaia. As she discovers more, the story becomes even more intense, and from the moment you finish Birthmarked, I guarantee that you will want to get your hands on a copy of its sequel, Prized!If you like dystopians that keep you hooked until the last page, and strong heroines that will make you want to be stronger, then you will love Birthmarked...and if you're picking yourself up a copy...get Prized too, because you seriously will not want to wait between books!