The Glass Man

The Glass Man - Jocelyn Adams First, I want to say that I am a BIG fan of books with fae (faeries, fairies, fey, whatever you wanna call 'em...I like 'em ;D) in them, so I absolutely loved the whole fae aspect of The Glass Man, and I think that Jocelyn did a fabulous job with creating her own fae world. It was inventive, and had an incredibly descriptive and vivid backstory. One of the biggest things I loved about this book was that the main character, Lila, is pretty much figuring it all out right alongside of the reader, which I always love in a story.The characters were fantastic in The Glass Man. There was the fierce and tough heroine, Lila, and the big baddy, Parthalan, who was creepily attractive (translation: dude is a psychopath...yet, seriously attractive, and I mean SERIOUSLY haha) and quite the douchebucket, if I do say so myself. Then there was Liam...awww, I loved me some Liam, and Garret was just so sweet. :D I also loved Lila's memories of her mother. Overall, the characters of The Glass Man were fantastic, and well developed...there wasn't a flat character in the bunch. They could have practically walked right off the page...although in some cases with the creepier ones, I'd be terrified if they really did. *shudder*While I loved most of this book, there was one aspect that bothered me. Lila was constantly saying things about having choices and decisions, and pretty much being in control of everything that happens in the decision maker's life...yet when it came to a big part of the book where choosing was involved, Lila herself stated that there was no choice. Now, I could understand what she meant in that part of the book, but it still bothered me. For such a fierce character to say something so contradictory to what she'd been saying before, I couldn't help but feel confused. However, in the cases where choices aren't really choices, let's be honest, they usually are and we just say there aren't any so we feel better about the decision we've made. So, I chose to interpret it as Lila made a choice she didn't want to make. Also, just to be clear, this wasn't the type of thing that bothered me enough to actually dislike the book. In fact, I really liked it, but it did bother me during the moment, and I just needed to let it out. :PAnother great part of The Glass Man was all of the action. It was awesome! It was intense, and to add onto that, the magic throughout the story was completely amazing. Lila has some serious skills! :D This book is more of an adventure story, but it is also sensual, a little erotic, and a lot fantastical. It does have some sex scenes, and there are swear words, so it might not be the most appropriate book for younger readers, or ones who don't like that sort of thing, but if you do like it *waggles eyebrows* then this is definitely a book for you. ;)Jocelyn Adams has created an amazing world in The Glass Man, full of vivid characters and settings. It's incredibly easy to lose yourself in this book, and trust me, you will want to lose yourself and you will enjoy it. :D