The Boyfriend Game

The Boyfriend Game - Stephie Davis This was a cute and quick read. I thought the characters were great, and I totally loved their awkwardness, so adorable. :) I also just have to say that if I'd had a hot guy like Graham to practice soccer with when I was younger...I probably would have kept playing. :P I do watch soccer sometimes though...mostly when Cristiano Ronaldo is playing...that still counts, right? hahaAnyways, this book was adorable, and I think it's the perfect book to just sit down with when you want a quick a fun read. It's got a light and flirty feel too it, and it's great when you're not in the mood for anything too serious. The Boyfriend Game is about 150 pages long (the other 20-some is an excerpt for Love At First Click), and it has a fast pace, so you can honestly finish it in a solid hour or two, depending on how fast you read. ;)