Fated Encounter (Holloway Pack)

Fated Encounter - J.A. Belfield As I stated in my review for Darkness and Light, I loved Sean, and I loved Jem, and I loved that book...so as you can imagine, I loved this novella, too. :)I absolutely loved getting to read something from Sean's POV. :D Fated Encounter was short and sweet...and the only thing I could have wished for was for it to be longer! Of course...it could've been 500 pages long and I still probably wouldn't have gotten enough of Sean. :P hahaI loved how Sean's POV differed from Jem's, and I think that reading Chapter 10 of Darkness and Light simultaneously while reading Fated Encounter would be amazing! I didn't do it myself, but I think the next time I read Darkness and Light, I'm going to have to try it. :DIf you haven't read Darkness and Light yet, I think, you'll still be fine reading Fated Encounter first. It doesn't really give anything away, other than giving the name Sean a character to place it to, and it definitely wouldn't hurt to get to meet him early. ;) hahaI'd like to say thanks to J.A. Belfield, and J. Taylor Publishing for sending me an early copy of Fated Encounter, so that I could share my thoughts on it with you all. So, thank you. :)