The 19 Dragons

The 19 Dragons - S.M. Reine Before reading The 19 Dragons, I read another of S.M. Reine's books, Six Moon Summer, and I loved that one. I wasn't surprised when I read and loved The 19 Dragons, too.I was surprised by how different the two books were, though. The author's voice, and the tone of the books were completely different, and I thought that was fabulous. It just shows how much versatility S.M. Reine has that she can write two completely different books and excel at both of them.The 19 Dragons isn't a long story, and it isn't one that gives you a tonne of information about the characters. If ever there was a story where you learned only what you needed to know about characters, this was it, and because of that, it's a bit mysterious. It's also full of destruction, and has characters that make you beyond curious to know more. Each chapter you learn a brief amount about each of the characters, and if you haven't already guessed, the characters are the 19 dragons. As the world crumbles around the characters, you are slowly learning about them, and you can only guess at what the intentions of each character are.I loved the mystery in this book, and how the descriptions were brief, yet incredibly vivid. It was completely enthralled me, and I highly recommend The 19 Dragons. It's the perfect quick read, and I think fans of Steampunk will thoroughly enjoy it. :)