Little White Lies

Little White Lies  - Aimee Laine I loved the idea of this story, and once I started reading, I loved it even more! Charley was an amazing character, and I loved seeing things from her perspective! She was a fantastic narrator, and so fierce! The narration also shifts around to Wyatt frequently, and even to another character named Stuart at one point, and I have to say that loved that it shifted to Stuart, it made that part of the book super mysterious! I also loved Wyatt's parts. ;)When I read the blurb for this story I thought of Mystique from X-men, and even while reading, the comparison didn't really leave my head. I loved that. I'm a sucker for the X-Men. I've never read the comics, but I used to watch the TV show, play some of the video games based off of them, and I've watched all of the newer movies that have been made. So, I'm definitely a fan, and I loved that this story reminded me of that.The characters were awesome in Little White Lies, and I loved the backstory for Charley, and the other Mimics as they called themselves. I'm not going to go too into detail because I think it's more interesting to learn about them yourselves, so I'll leave that to you. ;) Oh and I just have to mention Wyatt, I LOVED Wyatt! He was sexy. ;) I loved him alone, and even more when he was with Charley. ;)Another interesting thing about Little White Lies was how it was organized. The book is split up between three different times where Charley has 'encountered' Wyatt, and I honestly loved that. I didn't expect that at first, but I thought it was a fantastic way to tell this story.There are sex scenes in this book, just so everyone knows, and I guess this is my little content warning part of the review. ;) Honestly though, I found the way that the sex scenes were done to be very subtle and while you knew what was happening nothing was overly descriptive. It was more about the emotional connection than the act itself, so I'm telling you now that it has sex scenes, but they aren't raunchy ones. :)Since I've already professed my love for this book, I'm guessing I don't need to say that I loved it again (even though I just did :P), but I will say that this book is full of action, it's embedded with mystery, and it's emotional all the way through. I definitely recommend this book to others. It was a fantastic story, and I think that fans of paranormal (and even fans of contemporary) will thoroughly enjoy it, it's versatile like that. ;) Aimee Laine has written an amazing story, and I encourage you to get yourself a copy as soon as possible. :D