Tower of Parlen Min

Tower of Parlen Min (The Narrow Escapes of Ves Asirin, #1) - Matt Xell Right from the start Tower of Parlen Min had me curious. The main character, Ves, has a condition where he loses his memory every day. I was anxious to find out why, especially once subtle clues were dropped...but as to what those clues were, you'll have to read the story to find out for yourself.This book was packed full of action, and while reading, it constantly keeps you on your toes. Right when you think that the action has stopped, something happens again and the action starts all over again. It's definitely the type of story to keep you entertained. :)There were a lot of characters, some of them were hard to keep track of to be honest because they weren't really in the story very often, but the ones that you do get to know through Ves, were pretty interesting. Now onto Ves. He goes through tonnes in Tower of Parlen Min, and he defintiely grows as a character. He's kind of a crazy kid to be honest..brave, but crazy. :PAnother interesting thing in Tower of Parlen Min was the folklore. There were ones that I recognized, like the mention of Chonus, Helios, Selene, and other Greek gods, goddesses and Titans, and then there were ones that were completely new to me. They were incredibly inventive. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure if all of the folklore or even the place names were supposed to be ones that were real to us, or if they were just modeled after real life. There were places like the continent Bradil and Aegypt, which I assumed were plays on Brazil and Egypt, but I wasn't sure. It was kind of interesting to think that they might be related if we lived in a place that had the same impossible things that were in Ves's world.Overall I thought that Tower of Parlen Min was a good story, and its ending will definitely leave the reader wanting more...and wanting to know what happens next!