The Last Archangel

The Last Archangel - Michael D. Young With an amazing cover, and an intriguing description, I definitely expected to like The Last Archangel. I am thrilled to say that I wasn't disappointed. It was action packed, and filled with an incredibly interesting back story involving things like the lost city of Atlantis, the destruction of Pompeii, and other intricacies involving Giants, angels, and demons.The one big thing that the description from Goodreads fails to mention is Eden. Eden is a mortal woman who goes through tonnes in this book...and I mean tonnes! I won't spoil it for you though because it is some juicy stuff. To be honest, she wasn't my favourite narrator ever, and I definitely preferred Xandir's parts, but in her situation I can sympathize with how she reacted. At the same time, sometimes I just wanted to smack her. In the end though, I think she came out of it stronger, and judging by the cliffhanger ending, I think she'll have other books to make up for not being the strongest of characters when it came to handling her life choices.Now onto Xandir. He was awesome! Not always the smartest (but he did have his genius moments lol) or the most patient, and definitely rash at times, but when it came down to getting things done, he was definitely the person to do it. His swords, for justice and mercy were so neat! I love how they're represented on the cover too! I loved reading the parts of The Last Archangel where he narrated. While, I liked Eden's parts, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see things through Xandir's POV. I liked Jarom too, or Lil' Halo as Xandir called him, he was pretty awesome, and I loved seeing him evolve through his adventures. Just in case anyone is curious, Jarom's a cherub...yup, like Cupid! :DI thought that The Last Archangel was an awesome story, and it definitely kept me up late at night reading. I encourage everyone who likes a story filled with action to give it a read. Especially readers who like stories that have action and aren't just all about the battle, but about the journey and the evolution that it takes to get through it, too. In fact, this book kind of reminded me of Greek epics in that way. Xandir took on a task and had to go through stages to complete it, kind of like Odysseus on his way back home to Ithaca (not exactly the same, but it had a similar feel),...and as a reader you're lucky enough to get to tag along for the ride :D