Intern With The Vampire (Vampire General #1)

Intern With The Vampire (Vampire General #1) - Kit Iwasaki The best way to describe Intern with the Vampire, is a hospital drama where the patients and doctors are supernatural beings rather than humans. The beginning of this book had me cracking up, and I definitely smiled. It reminded me of pretty much every hospital drama or soap opera that I've ever watched. Within the first page two characters are in a supply closet...and they aren't looking for supplies.Of course, since they're doctors they got interrupted by a page. It was definitely entertaining though, and so was the rest of the book. :)I thought that Intern with the Vampire was an interesting mix of paranormal and the familiar hospital drama. I thought Aline was a fantastic character, and the majority of the book was in her point of view, however, there were a couple of chapters that had different narrators. The switch to different narrators was a fantastic device. It added some extra tension, and I loved that we got to learn what happened to the one character through a patient's wife's eyes rather than through the doctor operating on him, it made seeing what happened to the patient become even more personal and I loved that. :DI think that lots of people would love this story. It was funny, refreshing, and definitely unique. :)The next book in the Vampire General series, Slash and Burn, comes out later this month (July 2011). I can't wait for Slash and Burn...Intern with the Vampire ended on with a killer cliffhanger. :P