Happy Birthday to Me (Birthday Trilogy, #1)

Happy Birthday to Me (Birthday Trilogy, #1) - Brian  Rowe When I first read the blurb for Happy Birthday To Me and read the excerpt on Brian's website, I immediately thought of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Of course, now that I've read it, I can tell everyone that the two, while both involving people who go through some weird aging process, are completely different. But I did I thoroughly enjoy them both. :)Happy Birthday To Me was funny, it was definitely one of those books that had me laughing like crazy, and I loved that! At the same time, this book also brought me to tears. Now I'm not saying that everyone will cry, I will admit that when I'm reading or watching TV or watching a movie, I can be rather sensitive. I get pretty absorbed into the story. That being said, the fact that this book brought me to tears is a pretty good indication that I thought this book was amazing, after all, you don't get that attached to books that you don't like. :PNow that you all know that this book had me laughing and crying, I just have to tell you about a little bit about the story in general and a bit about the characters. Cameron, or Cam, is the main character, and he starts aging a year every single day, so in a week he ages 7 years. He goes to the doctor and they don't know what to do about his rare condition, so Cam basically just tries to live as normally as he can and enjoy the time that he has left, after all, if you age a year every day you won't exactly have the longest life span...will you? :(At the beginning of Happy Birthday To Me, Cam is pretty much a self-centered jerk. He's dating the hottest girl in school, he's the star of the basketball team, and he treats everyone like crap. He does this thing where he goes to restaurants where he tells them that it's his birthday just to get free birthday cake, and of course, he also gets some attention. Even though he was a jerk at first, I thought he was a fantastic character. He was interesting and I couldn't help but be intrigued by his thought processes. As the story continued and Cam started aging, he changed. He became less self-involved and started to actually think about people other than himself. His growth was amazing, and I loved his transformation. He went through some of the craziest scenarios ever, and I laughed all the way through them. That being said, he also went through some heartbreaking moments, and they made me so sad for Cam. I could tell that his character was growing on me by how sad I found his situation, and I just have to give Brian mad props for making me care about his main character so much. I absolutely loved Cam's character by the end of the book, and I can't wait to read more about him in Happy Birthday To Me's sequel, Happy Birthday To Me Again! :DHappy Birthday To Me was a fantastic book, and I absolutely loved reading it! I encourage everyone to read it, and I hope you love it as much as I did! :D