Textual Healing

Textual Healing - Eric  Smith Textual Healing was hilarious! I loved the little side comments that the main character Andrew Connor, or Ace, made, they honestly made me burst out laughing so many times...which was kind of awkward when I was in the waiting room of the dentist's office, but I was okay with that. hahaI think Textual Healing is the perfect book for anyone who is in need of a good laugh, or for someone who has been annoyed by the cliches of many books and romantic comedy movies...as the characters state many times in the book...it is not a romantic comedy, but I must admit it does have some romance and it definitely has comedy.The characters in Textual Healing were incredibly unique and they stood out to me. Ace was an awesome main character, and a pretty great guy...at one point he evens buys a sugar glider (at least it might have been a sugar glider) to impress a girl, that girl being Hannah. Hannah was one of those characters that makes you want to go outside and start skipping, she had me smiling the whole time with her lines and her quirky behaviour, I thought she was fabulous! Other notable characters were Shawn - Ace's best friend, and Brian and Valerie - both of them work in Ace's used bookstore....and of course Brave Orchid - the owner of the flower shop across the street who dresses like a ninja and speaks in haiku...which was awesome!Overall, I thought that Textual Healing was a fantastic story, it was hilarious and had some amazing characters. I definitely recommend it to people who want to laugh out loud, and I mean that literally. :)And I'm curious...does anyone out there own a sugar glider??? :D