Seeing for the First Time (What You See is What You Get)

Seeing for the First Time - Nicole Zoltack Seeing for the First Time is a short eBook, at only 17 pages, however, after those 17 pages you're left wanting to read more. Just like the main character, Ana, you're introduced to the world of paranormal by her grandmother, and together you learn that there are different types of seers, each type being able to see a different breed of paranormal beings. From fairy seers, to werewolf seers, and Ana's Gram even mentions unicorn seers. I'm not going to mention any other types though because then I'd ruin the mystery. ;)This story is short, fast-paced, and leaves you craving more! If you like paranormal stories and love seeing them reinvented in different ways, then you should definitely check out Nicole's What You See Is What You Get Series! :)