The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Once again, this is another book I read for school. I won't lie, I hated it at first, but the story got to me. Gatsby has so much passion and persistence too. The guy gets major props from me, although he could've definitely pursued someone more worthwhile...Anyways, this story has excitement, it has suspense, and it has a laid-back narrator who gives us an unbiased and almost outsider's view on all that's going on. He may be attached to certain characters and he certainly has his own thoughts, but his presence in the book provides the reader with almost a stand-in place to put themselves in. He lets you form your own opinions, and that's rare to find in a book. Although part of me wanted to see the story from Jay Gatsby's view many times, it was an interesting experience seeing everything through Nick's eyes. If I hadn't had to analyze this book so extensively in my English class it would've been even better, but it's definitely a book worth reading, and let's be honest everyone loves to be able to say they've read a classic like this.